Our theory.

Simple things with great flavour grow all around us. Things that make us smile season after season. Things like these carefully chosen organic vegetables from the gardens of Fyn. All we’ve added is bubbles, a little local craft and a lot of love. All of our sodas are prepared, pressed, and bottled in collaboration with local farmers, bottlers, and craftspeople. In one day’s work, they go from farm to bottle, ensuring they reach you fresh and full of flavour, in the most sustainable way possible.

Our ingredients.

When you think about it, we have amazing seasonal raw ingredients growing just outside our windows here on little old Fyn, Denmark. We want to be a little more imaginative “inside our own box” by giving local vegetables a new and different purpose. That’s why we collaborate with local farmers and craftspeople. We only use organic vegetables from the gardens of Fyn - the entire process, from farm to bottle, only takes 24 hours to keep it as fresh and sustainable as possible.